Togon Konsulaatti Suomessa

Togos Konsulat i Finland

Consulate of Togo in Finland

Konsulaatti / Consulate


The Consulate of Togo in Finland has been the official representation of the Republic of Togo in Finland since 1998.

In August 2022, the government of Togo changed its visa policies.

Currently, the only way to obtain a visa to Togo in advance is an eVisa, which can be obtained from the service at

From the same service, you can also get all relevant and up-to-date information about the trip.

Consulates therefore no longer have the right to issue visas in the previous way, and thus we can only refer to the address mentioned above in visa matters.

The acquisition of new passports and the renewal of existing ones can only be carried out at the Togolese embassies. Persons who do not have a valid Togolese passport shall contact the Togolese embassy in Berlin, Germany with email address  

If you do not have a valid passport and need to travel to one of Togo's embassies, please contact us. We can implement a request to the Finnish border authorities and airline companies to allow a one-way trip for passport application to the Togolese embassy with incomplete travel documents.

Documents officially authenticated at the consulate are required for various types of official proceedings concerning a Togolese person, for example in a matrimonial matter. The consulate may authenticate the original documents and the official translations thereof.

We are happy to help citizens of both Finland and Togo in matters related to the consulate's business.

Opening hours 

Reception: Monday - Friday 8-16

Telephone contacts: Monday - Friday 10 -16  

Olli Sulander
Kunniakonsuli / Honorärkonsul / Honorary Consul 

Consulate of Togo
Teknobulevardi 3-5
01530 Vantaa

+358 020 74 66 050



Embassy of Togo in Berlin

Grabbeallee 43
13156 Berlin

+49 30 49908968